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The Everyday Birth Spring/Summer 2021 Photo Contest: The Winning Images
From over 500 incredible images from 85 photographers in 10 countries and 24 states within the United States — we are so incredibly pleased to present these gorgeous images of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
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10 Ways Care Providers Can Create Safer Space for Non-Binary Birthing People
Are you a care provider seeking to take better care of your non-binary clients, patients, or community members? Perhaps you’re a non-binary person hoping for better care from your providers. Or maybe you’re just a curious individual seeking to learn more about this topic. From my perspective as a white, non-binary, masculine of center birthing person, here are some ways we can do better.
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What's a Milk Bank and Why is Milk Banking Important?
Milk banks collect, screen, process, and dispense human milk donated by lactating parents who are not biologically related to the infants who will receive their milk.
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Learn What Intrauterine Insemination is from this Lovely Animation
When it comes to getting pregnant — there isn’t just one way. Doula and educator Jenna Brown depicts intrauterine insemination (IUI) through animation.
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Bone Closing Ceremony: What it is and Where it Comes From
The Bone closing Ceremony has been used all over the world to aid in the new parents’ healing process.
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How to Massage and Hand Express to Remove Your Milk
IBCLC Sunny Huang walks viewers through hand expression and breast/chest massage using a balloon in this 10-minute video!
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