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The Educated Birth

intersectional reproductive health education
because representation is necessary to a safe + equitable health system.
The Educated Birth

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the black midwives series

The legacy of Black midwifery in the US goes back many generations. Half of all births attended in the early 1900s were attended by these grand midwives. Through smearing and policy change, midwifery was largely dismantled by the American Medical Association. When it experienced a revival in the 1970s, midwives were almost exclusively white women, as it remains today (as of 2014, less than 2% of the nation's reported 15,000 midwives are Black). Learn about just a few of the many incredible care providers from our past in this series.

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2021 Gift Guide For Reproductive Health
Looking for the perfect wrap-able gift, envelope accompanier, or stocking stuffer for the wonderful person in your life who lives to talk about birth at parties?
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September Caption Contest
"To pee or not to pee? That is never the question." We invited our audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon to join us last month in submitting captions to this image showing a long, winding line of pregnant people waiting for — what?
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18 Images of Pregnancy, Birth + Postpartum That Are Just Marvelous
This roundup of images from Everyday Birth Magazine's fall/winter photo contest are just — truly incredible.
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