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The Postpartum Toolkit

Upgrade your teaching tools with over 65 pages of info sheets, illustrations and diagrams, and activity sheets on postpartum topics emphasizing individualized and informed decision-making and care, with representation of a wide variety of parents and caregivers.
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What's Inside

Our toolkit covers, among other things:
Physical changes in postpartum like the size of the uterus, diastasis recti, + the pelvic floor
Physical recovery from vaginal and cesarean births
Types of cesarean incisions + scars
Types of infant feeding, including cup + spoon feeding, pumping, hand expression, formula feeding, breastfeeding + chestfeeding, supplemental nursing systems, + more
Types of postpartum mood disorders + a closer look at baby blues vs PPD
Planning, discussion and checklists related to preparing for postpartum

How You Can Use It

Professionals can use our digital toolkits to add value to their services in a variety of ways, including:
Text + email pages to clients
Add pages to class + workshop presentations
Display pages in meetings + appointments
Print to hand out or add to client packets

What's Inside

This digital workbook is designed to be your ultra-organized best pregnancy friend! Inside you'll find a range of tools with useful information and tips on topics such as birth locations, care providers, nutrition, physical activity, birth plans, and postpartum support.
Daily, weekly and monthly planners + trackers
Our planners + trackers are designed to help you stay organized, set goals, and track your progress during pregnancy. You can use these tools to manage appointments, keep an eye on healthy habits and self-care activities, and make sure you and your support team are aware of your needs and milestones along the way.
Self-assessment + brainstorming worksheets
These worksheets are helpful tools to think about your needs, preferences, questions, and goals during pregnancy. Using these you can gain clarity, find and learn more from relevant resources, explore options, and make informed decisions that are actually really personalized to you.
Birth plan templates + processing prompts
These templates are useful tools to help you create a personalized birth plan that reflects what is important to you, and then clearly communicate those needs, preferences and decisions to healthcare providers, empowering you throughout the process. Later, our birth processing prompts + templates can help you reflect meaningfully on and communicate clearly about the experience you had.
Comprehensive checklists + more!
Lessen your mental load even more with the support of our comprehensive checklists for things like interview questions for care providers + doulas, your birth bag, your postpartum home set-up, supportive household tasks, and more.
What this workbook ISN'T...
A substitute for professional support and guidance. The purpose of this workbook is to empower you with information, help you stay organized, and provide a framework for exploring your options and preferences. It does not dictate or prescribe specific decisions or choices for your pregnancy, labor, or postpartum journey. Alongside the guidance you get from professionals, it is designed to help you navigate your experience more effectively.
Professional Only Add-Ons
In addition to permission to use with clients, the professional use version comes with 7 additional pages of templates designed to help professionals keep track of information on area providers and facilities, as well as client details, meetings, and birth notes + recaps.


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