It's something of a birth story!


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Hello, hello! I'm Cheyenne, the creator of The Educated Birth. Thank you for being here! ☀️

When I became a birth doula in April 2016, I quickly realized how difficult it was to find high-quality, visually engaging birth education materials. Books were plentiful, documentaries were stacking up, but brief, simple, easy to digest educational materials? These were few and far between. And people of color? Unsurprisingly and disappointingly underrepresented.

So I started making some infographics in my free time. I reviewed my favorite reputable books and websites and began to simplify information about birth into educational infographics that also recognized people and babies of color, like myself and so many of my family members and friends.

In January 2017, at the encouragement of a few doulas in my area, I threw my growing collection of infographics into an unnamed Etsy shop and shared it with a doula group online. The abundant and immediate response astonished me!

The support and feedback I received from the birth community filled my heart and opened my eyes. There was and there still is so much more work to be done to create inclusive, welcoming, supportive spaces for pregnant folks across race, gender, sexual orientation, language and more.

And that leads me to where we are today, working to grow this into both a better service and a more beautiful community.


Join me!