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Email us at hello@theeducatedbirth.com
What is the difference between Basic and Extra Licenses?
You can learn all about our licensing options via this link.

How do I open a zipped file and use these file types?
You can learn all about accessing our materials via this link.

Are there discounts for items purchased together?
Yes, the "bundles" of infographics, illustrations, etc. have a 20% discount applied to the price already. It is 20% cheaper to purchase a bundle than to purchase each of the items in the bundle individually. You can get even more discounts when you become a patron of our work!

Do you have infographics in Spanish?
Yes, some of The Educated Birth materials have been translated into Spanish, and we look forward to continuing to have our full library translated! You can view the items that are currently available in Spanish via this link.

Do you offer customization of your materials or custom designs for birth workers?
We do not alter The Educated Birth materials to customize them for specific birth workers, but thank you for asking!

Do you offer custom logo, t-shirt, branding, or other types of design?
Not at this time, thank you for thinking of us though!

How do I join The Educated Birth Review Team?
If applications are being accepted at this time, you can apply to join The Educated Birth Review Team via this link.

How do I subscribe to Everyday Birth Magazine?
You can subscribe to Everyday Birth Magazine via this link.

How do I purchase past issues of Everyday Birth Magazine?
Past issues of Everyday Birth Magazine are not currently available for sale. If you'd like to receive print issues in the future, subscribe today!

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