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Let's Talk About Birth

Welcome to our comprehensive Childbirth Education Class, a thoughtfully designed and inclusive multi-week program created to empower informed choices about your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experiences.
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Course Outline

We recognize that every individual embarks on this journey with their unique set of values, concerns, and preferences, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you're a first-time parent, you're having another child, you're planning a low-intervention birth, or a cesarean birth, or a VBAC — this course covers information and offers practical tips that are relevant to you!

Throughout our sessions, we will delve into the following:
Building Your Birth Team + Understanding Options
Covering the wide variety of options related to who cares for you, where you receive care, and the kind of care you opt for, including:

• Identifying your pregnancy and birth support team, from partners, to care providers, and beyond — centering your values, needs, and preferences.

• Understanding diverse options for birth locations and their differences.

• Exploring your feelings about birth, boundary-setting, and healthy expectation-setting.

• Understanding the vast landscape of training, familiarity, expertise that exists in different professionals and facilities related to birth.

• Recognizing and navigating concerns related to challenging past experiences and/or awareness of bias in birth spaces.

Understanding the Mechanics of + Options in Labor + Birth
Covering what birth can look like (and the many things that can influence and impact it) and the various options you have to increase comfort and support labor's progress, including:

• Learning the anatomy of pregnancy and birth, including the placenta, cervix, pelvic floor, and more.

• Recognizing possible signs of labor and types of contractions.

• The physiology and common "stages" of labor + birth.

• Navigating comfort measures (birth balls, water, touch, etc.), labor positions, and strategies for minimizing discomfort/maximizing satisfaction in labor.

• Understanding medical interventions (pain medication, epidural, IVs, fetal monitoring, etc.) and decision-making options around them.

• Understanding what happens during cesarean birth + options that exist in that space.

• Understanding what's different about + options related to birth with an epidural.

• Understanding what's different about + options related to VBAC birth.

• An in-depth look at self-advocacy during labor.

Postpartum Care in the Birth Space + At Home
Covering what to expect for you and your baby's health, care, and recovery in the early moments and later weeks after birth, including: 

• Setting up postpartum spaces, plans and preferences.

• What to expect in the first hours after birth — care for and decision related to newborns, as well as for birthers.

• Understanding the physical changes and recovery of the uterus, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor.

• Basics of C-section specific after-care.

• The importance of rest, nutrition, hydration and support in recovery — and strategies to maximize them.

• Understanding the physiology of lactation and a diverse range options for infant feeding including breast/chestfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, and formula feeding.

• Addressing mental health in postpartum.

• Understanding the full network of support people who can be accessed in postpartum, including follow-ups with care providers.

Course Materials + Recordings
Parents taking our course will also receive digital copies of The Pregnancy, Labor + Birth, and Postpartum Toolkits and The Mindful Pregnancy Workbook from The Educated Birth (over a $300 value!). Parents taking the live version of our course will also receive recordings of each session for the ability to review later at any time.
What this course ISN'T...
A substitute for professional medical support or guidance. The purpose of this course is to empower you with information that will help you explore your options and preferences. We will not prescribe specific decisions or choices for your pregnancy, labor, or postpartum journey. Alongside the individualized guidance and hands-on support, you get from professionals, it is designed to equip you to communicate clearly and navigate your experience more confidently, effectively — more empowered.

November Schedule

Session 1: Sunday, Nov 12th, 2-5pm EST
Session 2: Wednesday, Nov 15th, 6-9pm EST
Session 3: Sunday, Nov 19th, 2-5pm EST

December Schedule

Session 1: Sunday, Dec 10th, 2-5pm EST
‍Session 2: Wednesday, Dec 13th, 6-9pm EST
Session 3: Sunday, Dec 17th, 2-5pm EST
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Registration: $274

Early Bird Special: The first 5 registrants can grab their spot for just $249!

Sponsored Space:
We believe every parent deserves access to this class. That's why we've introduced a registration donation option. When you purchase one, we'll give it to someone who would not be able to afford the class otherwise. This is the last registration option. Click "Reserve a spot" on our Eventbrite page to find it.

Donation Fund: If you'd like to support at *any* amount to offset the ticket price for other parents-to-be, contribute to our donation fund! It's the final option beneath the general registration options. Click "Reserve a spot" on our Eventbrite page to find it.

But here's the deal — our class size is limited to 15 people/pairs (each participant can bring one partner/ support person). So don't wait too long to reserve your spot!
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Course materials

Parents taking our course will also receive digital copies of The Pregnancy, Labor + Birth, and Postpartum Toolkits, the Labor Positions Card Set, and The Mindful Pregnancy Workbook from The Educated Birth (over 200 pages + $300 value!). Parents taking the live version of our course will also receive recordings of each session for the ability to review later at any time.
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What this course ISN'T...
How are The Educated Birth materials created?
The Educated Birth materials are written and illustrated by Cheyenne Varner. We use a peer-review system that includes OBGYNs, midwives, RNs, lactation consultants, doulas, and other professionals in the field to assess and edit before we publish. We are intentional to create inclusive illustrations of babies, pregnant people, and families, to write with gender-inclusive terms, and accessibly for a roughly 8th grade reading level.

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