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The Birth Work Starter Kit

Everything you need to start guiding and supporting parents confidently today.
The Educated Birth
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Whether you're a doula, birth assistant, childbirth educator, or any other professional in the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum space — our materials are designed specifically to support you — just like you do for the families you serve. The Birth Work Starter Kit is a combination of our best teaching tools for equipping professionals to confidently offer excellent support.

The Pregnancy, Labor + Birth, and Postpartum Binder

Our comprehensive binder is a must-have companion throughout your entire childbirth education experience. Packed with over 155 pages anatomical diagrams, essential information, reflective exercises, and resources, it covers everything you want to cover with clients — from pregnancy preparations to postpartum care. Stay organized and informed, and present your education excellently, with this binder of high-quality 8.5x11 prints.

Pregnancy, Labor + Birth, and Postpartum Toolkit Binder | $168.50 | Link

The Labor + Birth Prep Kit Card Deck

Help parents explore and understand their options with ease (+ fun!) using our Labor + Birth Prep Kit Card Deck. This deck of 63 colorful cards covers the topics of: Care providers, Birth spaces, Support team, Comfort measures, Interventions during labor, and Interventions after birth. Plus, question + discussion cards to help foster an enjoyable, effective, and interactive experience! Compact and convenient, it's perfect for quick reference during prenatals or childbirth ed class.

Labor + Birth Prep Kit Card Deck | $45 | Link

The Labor Positions Card Set

The perfect companion piece to The Labor + Birth Prep Kit Card Deck, our Labor Positions Card Set educate parents about different movements and positions beneficial during labor. Each card visually illustrates various positions that can help with comfort and progress in labor, offering a quick and simple reference. Make it that much easier for parents to understand all the tools they have in their "birth toolbox" with these educational visual aids.

Labor Positions Card Set | $40 | Link

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Empower yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to help others navigate pregnancy, labor, and postpartum with confidence. We're here to join you every step of the way. Invest in your birth work experience with The Educated Birth today!

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