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Everything Placenta: The Amazing, Essential Organ for Pregnancy + Postpartum

Sierra Massey
teaches on the placenta's role during pregnancy + birth, its cultural significance + options for use after birth.

Lessons include:

🌳 What is the placenta? What role does it play during pregnancy, birth + postpartum?

🤰🏾 What can I do with my placenta after birth + how do I need to prepare if I want to use it?

🌎 What is the cultural significance of the placenta around the world?

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Educator Bio

Sierra Massey
was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. After attending Cal State Northridge unsatisfied with the curriculum and faculty she moved to New York at age 19. Sierra spent a year getting her teaching certification in Afrikan yoga, doing grassroots community work surrounding health and wellness, and focusing on her self development mentally, physically, and spiritually. In 2018 she moved back to South Central LA to open her own business becoming a full time entrepreneur. In 2019 as she expanded her business she started to dive deeper into birthwork and herbalism, all while teaching yoga classes in her community. In 2020 she attended two Black led birthworker trainings, enrolled into midwifery school, and began apprenticing with Kindred Space LA. During 2020 she assisted in the opening of a Black and Woman owned birth center in South Central LA while attending to birthing woman within the community. Currently she is still attending midwifery school and apprenticing at Kindred Space LA while providing her services as a birthworker and community health advocate.

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