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Combatting Cisnormative Blindspots in Repro Health + Birth Care

Megan Norris
teaches on structures that have impacted trans and gender diverse persons health-seeking, quality of care + more.

Lessons include:

⚡ How do we become the change agents that trans and gender diverse persons need in repro health + birthing care?

⛔ How has structural violence against trans and gender diverse persons led to reduced health-seeking behaviours, ignored reproductive desires, and inter-community fear towards medical providers?

🗣️ What action items can we address today from an individual to organizational level to make sustainable change and improve the quality of care?

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Educator Bio

Megan Norris
Recent graduate from an M.Sc. program in Global SRHR, with a BA in Psychology. They recently completed research around the accessibility to inclusive reproductive health and birthing care for trans men and gender diverse AFABs and continue to focus on this area with aspirations to combat cisnormative biases. They live with endometriosis, a heart condition, and c-PTSD. They are greatly looking forward to educating providers and finding different ways to have uncomfortable conversations.

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