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18 Images of Pregnancy, Birth + Postpartum That Are Just Marvelous

This roundup of images from Everyday Birth Magazine's fall/winter photo contest are just — truly incredible.
The Educated Birth Team
photo credit:  
This image of one parent gently holding the (still blue) umbilical cord of a vernix-covered newborn laid beautifully skin to skin on the other’s stomach.

Attached, Katie Denton @katiedentonphotos
Awarded first place in the Cover Image category


This glorious image, showing a pregnant parent radiating in the glow of a warm, setting sun.

Glowing Goddess, Colby Tulachanh
Awarded first place in the Pregnancy category


This breathtaking underwater capture of a newborn’s face reflected in a small mirror mid-birth.

Reflections, Charlie Halman @littlerosephotography_
Awarded first place in the Birth category

This gorgeous and touching image of a new parent gazing down — body to body, skin to skin —at the newborn in their arms.

Maru + Miyuki, Epli Pastorfield-Li @epliphotography
Awarded first place in the Postpartum category


The past few years have been especially difficult on birthing people and new parents, from navigating incredibly stressful safety decisions, to the sudden switch to majority telehealth and virtual care, to the installment of difficult and sometimes upsetting restrictions within birthing spaces, and beyond. We often talk about how labor and postpartum typically include a mixture of both hard and joyful moments, intensity and beauty. While there is much change that must continue to be advocated for to provide parents with the support they need and deserve, even within these challenging times these images highlight that there is so much beauty to be found.


The judges for this season's competition had some special words for the following images, all of which were honored in the Judge’s Choice category:


“These moments always take my breath away. To witness a father welcome his sweet child into this world is a truly life changing experience. What a capture!"

Dad Joy, Lauren Fallon @honeybrown4
Awarded in the Judge’s Choice category
by Stephanie Cabrera @rebornfromwithin


“I love seeing emotional partners. Just like the birthing person, the partner changes into a new version of themselves. This moment is beautiful.”

Birth of a Family, Rachel Wilson @whenabellyblooms
Awarded in the Judge’s Choice category 
by Lauren J Turner @laurenjturnerfineart


“This image struck me as incredibly honest, real, beautiful — the provision of water from a care provider, the curious touch of a new sibling, the presence of a partner behind, and the limp umbilical cord below. All with this parent and newborn at the center. Just beautiful.”

Aqua, Kirstie Clark @kpphotoinc
Awarded in the Judge’s Choice category
by Cheyenne Varner @cheyvarner



“When I saw this image —it tapped into all of the places and spaces that I navigate when I'm supporting people at births. It felt holy.”

The Face You Make with HVBAC Success at 43 Weeks, Jennifer Lombardo @buffalodoula
Awarded in the Judge’s Choice category 
By Davinah Simmons @rootedbirthdoula


“This photograph captures a purely precious moment in a family's history. I love how it shows the wonderful moment of parents welcoming their new child into the family and also the pure amazement and joy of each of the siblings. The photograph captures a memory the family will treasure forever.”

Sibling Pride, Rebecca Grummett @wmg.photography_
Awarded in the Judge’s Choice category
By Janice Formichalle @janiceformichella


But wait, there’s more! The following images were also recognized:


This image of human milk streaming down against the skin on one side as a parent feeds their newborn from the other.

A Stream of Love, Maggie Williams @maggiewilliamsphoto
Awarded in the Honorable Mentions category


This bright, joyful image with family extending to touch the pregnant belly against a leafy green background — growing a new addition looks like quite a picnic!

Maternity, Deziree Propes @DEZSNAPPEDIT
Awarded as a finalist in the Pregnancy category 


This black and white image showing vernix glistening magically in the water as a parent holds their newborn for the very first time.

Vernix Constellations, Rebecca Grummett @wmg.photography_
Awarded in the Honorable Mentions category 


This calm, emotive image of newborn baby with an uncut, bluish cord soaking in herbal waters and daddy’s hands.

Daddy’s Hands, Kalli Hopkins
Awarded as a finalist in the Birth category


The pure, unabashed emotion on the face of this new parent, holding their newborn son close has us reaching for our tissues, too.

My Son, Wendy Vargas @seedof.lovebirth
Awarded in the Honorable Mentions category


This photo of a breastfeeding mother with child, held closely by their partner, peering over their shoulder.

Moments in Motherhood, Lee Pettigrew @leepettigrewphotography
Awarded as a finalist in the Postpartum category


This bodyfeeding photo has us amazed and in awe of just how much our bodies can literally stretch to provide for our babies.

The Stretchy Staredown, Meg Ross @megrossphotography
Awarded in the Honorable Mentions category 


A powerful image showing the bandaged scar from a cesarean birth and the stretching legs of an infant held above a postpartum parent’s beautiful belly.

I Thank You, Kaitlin Parks @kaitlinparksphotography
Awarded as a finalist in the Postpartum category


Just wow to the details adorning this image — light wisps of hair on a pink baby caked in off-white vernix — and a deep blue, spiraling umbilical cord below.

Birthday Frosting, Rachel Wilson @whenabellyblooms
Awarded in the Honorable Mentions category

In total, Everyday Birth Magazine received over 300 images from over 50 photographers around the world and within the US this fall/winter season. In an industry that has been impacted for generations by a lack of diversity behind the lens, it's significant to us to say that over 60% of the photographers who have joined us this season come from underrepresented communities and experiences, including but not limited to: Black, Latine, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, neurodiverse, and disabled. All of the photographers who submitted have created incredible work highlighting what are often underrepresented images + stories.

Inequity in reproductive healthcare is a complex issue that needs to be confronted from many angles. Expanding representation through images of who gives birth — and where, and how, and with whom — this is a part of equity work.


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