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Benefits of Digital

There are several benefits to purchasing the digital download version of our teaching tools, including:
Get started right away!
When you purchase our digital teaching tools you get immediate access to them via download link.
Great multi-purpose teaching tools.
Are you presenting to someone in person? Show our teaching tools on full-screen mode. Sending something to your client as a reference? Pop a page into an email as an attachment. Want to send it even quicker? Drop it in a text message!
Nothing to store — but still printable!
Digital workbooks take up no physical space, so you don't have to worry about them taking up shelf space, getting damaged, or lost. BUT when you do want a hard copy on hand, our digital kits come with printer-ready files so you can print them from your home office or send them out for professional printing.
Get extra interactive features.
Our digital kits often come with extra illustrations and access to customizable Canva templates designed for social media use that aren't included when you purchase print teaching tools.
Ultimately, the choice between purchasing print or digital will depend on your personal preferences, learning style, and specific needs.


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