How to Get Your Digital Materials Printed


So you have your infographic sheets and now you want to get them printed! No problem! Here are some simple steps for getting there.

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Understanding Your PDF Options

Inside your infographic sheet ZIP file, you'll find a folder of PDFs with the following variations inside:
•  Base
•  Printers Marks
•  Printer Friendly

The Base version of your infographic sheet is meant for digital use. If you try to print this version, it's likely to have some sort of quality issue, particularly pertaining to the margins.

The Printers Marks version of your infographic sheet is meant for printing through a service like the ones laid out in the section below, particularly services that will be able to print your project with full bleeds and trim to the edges.

The Printer Friendly Version of your infographic sheet is a color-light version meant for printing at home or in your office. It most easily translates into grayscale printing and doesn't require a bleed.

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Who and How Much?

The cost of printing can really vary depending upon who you're printing through. I suggest pricing out a few options in your area before getting the job done!

Print online through an online service: Online printing services like Vistaprint make it really easy for you to upload your files and get them shipped to you. You can use any of the PDF versions with this option. You may have to pay shipping fees.

At the time that I'm writing this, 25 copies cost $19.00 through Vistaprint.

Print in your area through a service like Office Depot: Places like Office Depot often provide both online and walk-in options for printing. Talk to them about using the Printers Marks version and customizing your project to print to the edge/bleed.

At the time that I'm writing this, 25 copies cost $10.50 through Office Depot.

Print in your area through a small, local print shop: This is my preferred option in terms of cost, quality, and customer service! They usually have online forms, or you can call to place an order. They will definitely prefer the Printers Marks Version.

At the time that I'm writing this, my local print shop has charged about $0.50 per print, depending on the quantity that I have ordered (larger orders lower the rate). At that rate, 25 copies cost about $12.50 through my local print shop.

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