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Hi! I'm Cheyenne, creator of The Educated Birth! I started this work because I couldn't find materials that feature, support, and celebrate ALL parents. That led me to understand how rare these spaces are as well. There are so many people feeling the impact of this gap. But we don't have that many places to cross paths!

Have you or your business or organization felt this way too? Have you wanted to reach more like-minded and aware folks, but had trouble connecting in your area, or even online? I want to use The Educated Birth's growing reach to increase yours.

Why advertise with The Educated Birth?
I have been amazed and humbled to witness the growth and passion of our followers. In our first year of existence, our Instagram page reached over 1.2K followers, growing by nearly 100 followers a month. And our Etsy shop saw over 27K views from over 6K visitors.

When you advertise with The Educated Birth, you're tapping into this growing network, AND you're supporting our mission of providing high-quality educational materials to prepare parents for well-informed and empowering birth. Win, win!

If you're interested in ad space on the home page of The Educated Birth, send me a message in the contact page or email me at We'll talk about what ad and pricing options would best fit your business!