Birth Goals Card Set

Birth Goals Card Set


Birth goal cards are visual and skimmable tools to educate parents on the options they have for creating their "birth plan" including birth site, care provider, support team, comfort measures, and interventions.


Birth Site:
Hospital • Birth Center • Home

Care Provider:
OBGYN • Midwife • Family Physician

Support Team:
Partner • Family/Friends • Birth Doula • Postpartum Doula • Lactation Consultant

Comfort Measures:
Massage • Food & Fluids • Sounds & Music • Clothes • Visualization • Affirmations • Tub/Shower • Aromatherapy • Movement/Positions • Rice Sock • Birth Ball • Cool Cloths

IV/Saline Lock • Fetal Monitoring • Induction • Augmentation • Epidural • Water Breaking • Vaginal Exams • Cesarean Section

Intro + Resource Cards

Formats: (1) one set of 3x5in prints

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