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Shop Update and Note on Gender Neutral Language
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Inside Your Pregnant Body, Stages of Labor, Stages of Labor from Baby’s Perspective, After Baby’s Born, and Hormones Naturally Produced in Labor have been updated to ensure gender neutral language.

why does gender neutral language matter? for who?

Gender neutral language is for everyone. It is not a rejection of feminine identities, or masculine ones. Rather, it seeks to recognize and respect the broad spectrum of identities held in our communities by excluding none.

why does The Educated Birth engage in this conversation?

Because it impacts the providers and birth workers who use our materials as well as the people our materials are created to speak to — who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, are giving birth, and are beginning their journeys as parents (link; link). Everyone deserves to feel welcomed and to be treated with compassionate, high quality care — language is a part of that.

if you don’t understand gender neutral language or the spectrum of gender identity here are some resources for you to use to start to learn more:

Note: I am not an expert or authority on gender. As a person in community with people with varying identities, and more so as a person who’s creating content that can impact those across the gender spectrum — I share these resources from my own position of learning more from those in my community (within and beyond The Educated Birth). I invite anyone who sees this list to connect with me to add context to items on the list, and/or suggest removals or additions.

Understanding Gender
Gender Spectrum

The Genderbread Person
It’s Pronounced Metrosexual

What is Intersex?
Intersex Society of North America

How Science is Helping Us Understand Gender
National Geographic

The Science of Being Transgender
Science Vs, Gimlet Media

Paiges Story
Invisibilia, NPR

Gonads: X & Y
RadioLab, WNYC Studios

Thank you for reading and always feel free to reach out.


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